1st Place Individual Documentary- San Juanita Sigona- Hispanic School Segregation
1st Place Group Documentary- Kristina Corona, Guadalupe Monico - American Horror Story
2nd Place Group Documentary- Marco Castaneda, Magdalene Gomez, Shelby Seale, Christina Zurita - Orca Whales
1st Place Historical Paper- Johnny Dominguez - Dorothy Day
2nd Place Historical Paper- Amber Allen - Come and Take It
1st Place Group Performance- Antonio Gonzales, Jai O'Brien, Keith Steptoe, Logan Vela - XYZ Affair
2nd Place Group Performance- Stephanie Cosino, Eran Fridel, Michael Hazel, Chance Pavlock, Cameron Seale - King Henry VIII: A Comedic Succession
2nd Place Individual Website- Sarah Wisner - Watergate Scandal
Honorable Mention Individual Website- Abby Lacy - Montgomery Bus Boycott
1st Place Group Website- Madison Bowman, Dakota McDaniel, Chelsie Neely - Creation of the UN
2nd Place Group Website- Daniel Almanza, David Yorek - The Kings' Crusade
1st Place Group Exhibit- Ismael Gonzalez, Diego Iniguez, Trysta Quezada, Carlos Santoy - Vasili Arkhipov- The Man Who Saved the World
1st Place Individual Exhibit- Freddy Puentes - 1970's Artistic Freedom in Country Music
Honorable Mention Individual Exhibit- Erik Peralta - The Scopes Trial
Amber Allen won The Allen Commander Memorial Texas History Award with $100
Freddy Puentes won The Grimes County History Award with $175 and The Student Choice Award with $50
Johnny Dominguez won The Religion in America Award with $100 and The Robert Raines Award with $50
Ian Campbell, Jose Coronilla, Evin Diaz, Gail Evans, and Manuel Garza won The Theater Arts Award with $100
Congratulations to these students!