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Meet Our Principal

Meet Our Principal: 

Dr. Jamie Bates began her educational career at Aldine ISD in 2000 as a history teacher. In 2001, she moved to Conroe ISD and continued teaching history. In 2003, Dr. Bates took a position as a special education teacher where she used an individualized teaching approach to assist special education students improve their academic performance. More recently, Dr. Bates served as the assistant principal at Spring ISD and Bay City ISD. Since March of 2016, Dr. Bates has served as the principal at Prairie Harbor Alternative Campus in Brazos ISD.

Dr. Bates brings with her a proven track record of meeting high academic standards, reducing behavior incidents, and developing strong personal relationships with students, teachers and the community. “As principal it is my responsibility to make sure the needs of the students are being met. It is my job to take responsibility for student learning, the academic climate and standards, and building a strong relationship with our community for my campus. I have always loved working with students at-risk of not completing a high school education and it is my goal to make sure they know the importance of their education and that I do everything within my power to make it happen."